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Samantha Hague Optometry


your local independent opticians delivering clinical excellence with impeccable service & style

With just one consulting room all our appointments are scheduled to ensure that you will always receive the time, quality, and one-to-one care and attention you deserve.

We provide comprehensive extended eye examinations always conducted by Samantha Hague* and offer a fantastic range of spectacle frames (with many exclusive brands along with more basic models to suit all budgets), world leading lens options, sunglasses and contact lenses. 

Should you have a valid prescription from elsewhere we are happy  to dispense your glasses to this should you wish. 


Our Eye Examinations

Whatever your eligibility, NHS or private, we believe you should have the most comprehensive eye examination we can offer, not simply a ‘sight test’.
This is why we recommend our Extended Eye Examination, with the leading edge technology and the extended time involved, to all our patients.
This Extended Eye Examination is scheduled for up to three quarters of an hour with Senior Optometrist and Practice Owner Samantha Hague. It includes enhanced retinal 3D-scanning with OCT and Optomap Retinal Imaging along with anterior eye examination with our digital slitlamp. Sam will personally conduct all the tests, scans and procedures deemed clinically necessary rather than delegating them to unqualified staff members. This personal, professional service allows us to give you the very best care.
Optomap Retinal Imaging gives us an ultra-wide view of the back of your eyes and allow us to examine 82% of your retina compared to the 15% seen with more traditional methods. It is simple, quick and painless and allows us to examine the health of your eyes in the very best way we can which is why we include it in our standard eye examination as well as our enhanced service as we want to give the very best care we can. 
OCT is an innovative imaging technique obtaining high resolution 3D-images of your retina in seconds. These scans provide exquisite details of the microstructures below the retinal surface not visible to us by other means.  Advanced 3D-OCT imaging assists us in the early detection of some eye diseases along with their monitoring – these conditions include glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. 
We have invested in the very best and latest equipment to help us give you the very best care and peace of mind for the health of your eyes.
Our state of the art Optos Daytona NG, Nidek Retina Scan Duo 3D-OCT, Keeler Symphony Digital Slitlamp, RT5100 Refractorhead and Oculus Smartfield Digital Visual Field Screener give us the confidence that we can now go even further in the assessment and management of your vision and eye health.
Visit out Technology Page for further information.

*Optomap Retinal Imaging, Digital Retinal Photography, 3D-OCT scans and some other procedures are charged privately as currently not funded by the NHS.


We believe in charging properly for our professional time and expertise. 

In many opticians the sight test is heavily discounted and the cost recovered by the selling of glasses. At Hague Optometry we will always give honest, frank advice as to whether you would benefit from changing your glasses and we treat every patient as though we are treating a family member. 

When you choose Hague Optometry you are choosing continuity of care;  a personalised experience with all the time you need and professional experience and expertise supported by the best technology in a beautiful, boutique environment. Clinical excellence with impeccable service and style.

Please contact us on 01902757454 for more information.

  • Private Extended Eye Examination
    Comprehensive eye examination scheduled for at least 45 minutes with Principal Optometrist Samantha Hague including, Optomap Retinal Imaging, 3D OCT imaging, retinal photography and anterior eye imaging if appropriate.
  • Private Eye Examination
    Comprehensive eye examination scheduled for at least 45 minutes with Principal Optometrist Samantha Hague including Optomap Retinal Imaging as standard
  • NHS Extended Eye Examination
    Comprehensive eye examination scheduled for at least 45 minutes with Principal Optometrist Samantha Hague including, Optomap Retinal Imaging, 3D OCT imaging, retinal photography and anterior eye imaging if appropriate.
  • NHS Sight Test
    NHS funded
    NHS sight tests available free of charge, for those who are eligible* Scheduled for 20-30 minutes with the Optometrist
  • Private Eye Examination for Under 25s
    Eye health and vision check for our younger patients not eligible for NHS funded sight test inclusive of Optomap Retinal Imaging.
  • Digital Retinal Photography
    Digital Retinal Photography if not included in eye examination
  • OCT 3D Retinal Scan
    Allows us to see what's going on beneath the surface of the eye showing us details of the layers of your retina. Quick and painless it provides a cross section view of tissue beyond the retinal surface helping to spot abnormalities as early as possible
  • Optomap Retinal Imaging
    Quick and painless ultra-wide retinal examination capturing a 200 degree high-resolution image of the retina in one shot, in just a quarter of a second. Optomap can help detect signs of ocular disease and general health issues giving a much more detailed view of your health than other available techniques.
  • Other Professional Services
    We offer a range of services in practice including MECS / CUES appointments for emergencies funded by the NHS for those eligible, Private Emergency Consultations, Private Examinations for diabetic patients, Dry Eye Clinics & Blephex Treatments. Please ask for details.
  • Spectacles
    From £50 to £1,000
    We offer world leading lenses from suppliers including Essilor, Hoya, Tokai and Zeiss and stock frames from a wide range of brands to give you the very best choices for your glasses. Visit our dedicated Frames and Lenses pages for more information
  • Contact Lenses - reusable
    From £8 per month
    We offer a wide selection of reusable contact lenses from leading manufacturers. Options include a range of gas permeable lenses and planned replacement soft lenses for both simple and more complex prescriptions, presbyopia and astigmatism. Available via cash purchase with valid contact lens prescription or via Eyeplan monthly payments
  • Contact Lenses - daily replacement
    From £1 per pair
    Enjoy the convenience and health benefits of disposable contact lenses Available via cash purchase with valid contact lens prescription or via Eyeplan monthly payments
  • Contact Lenses Aftercare or Follow Up
    A crucial part of safe contact lens wear, we will assess the power, fit and ongoing suitability of your contact lenses, advise on the health of the front of your eyes and discuss advances in contact lens technologies which may benefit you. An aftercare consultation is recommended at least once a year, more frequently in certain circumstances as advised by your optometrist.
  • Contact Lens New Tolerance Trial
    We will carry out a detailed contact lens eye-assessment during which we will assess whether contact lenses are likely to be suitable for you and discuss your options based on lifestyle needs. We shall also spend as much time as you need teaching you how to put your contact lenses in and take them out; explaining how to look after your contact lenses and organising your free trial of contact lenses which will help you decide whether you’d like to become a regular contact lens wearer. We also include a follow-up consultation to see how you’re getting on with your lenses.
  • Contact Lens Refit
    Having decided in your aftercare that a refit is required we will order diagnostic trial lenses for you and fit these, assessing your progress over the next few weeks before issuing your specifications. Some diagnostic / trial lenses are available free of charge or with a warranty exchange facility*

Loyalty Care Schemes

Our comprehensive eyecare packages designed to provide you with the very best eyecare at an affordable price. For a small monthly subscription our loyalty schemes can be tailor-made to take care of all your eyecare needs giving you great value and great peace of mind. 

Care – Quality – Value

Care – for us it’s about providing you with an eye examination and ocular health check, not a ‘sight test’. It’s about spending time with patients and offering additional clinical services such as advanced eye scans and specialist clinics along with great, personal advice every time.

Quality – all eyewear products are not the same and, like most other things in life, you get what you pay for. Spectacle frames and lenses vary tremendously in manufacturing quality and performance. Plan members benefit from the highest quality eyewear at preferential prices.

Value –  it’s not just about price, it’s about what you get for your money. Our care packages give you great value and the more you use it the more value you get. Our plans allows our members to benefit from the highest quality pair of spectacles that meet your budget.

We feel that our care plans are a great way to look after your eyes and to get great value from your independent optical practice in Tettenhall…and membership allows you access to our leading edge technology at no extra charge.

To find out more about how one of our care-schemes can help you ensure your eyes are well looked after by Hague Optometry please speak to a member of our team.


Technology in Optometry makes it easier than ever to carry out thorough, comprehensive eye examinations, dispense spectacle lenses and offer treatment.

Hague Optometry has heavily invested in modern, state of the art equipment to ensure we are offering you the highest, most current form of care.

We are proud to stock a great selection of frames, lenses and contact lenses.